Thursday, December 7, 2006

We have a new Family Tradition.....

We bought a lovely wooden Advent Calendar for us this year so we can start a new family tradition. The kids are loving opening each little door and finding what is inside, each one has a little decoration to hang on the tree & wreath. Ella wants to do more than one a day though.

I think its lovely to have traditions that you do with your family each year. I was reading yesterday about a lady that wraps up her Christmas books and then for the 12 days before Christmas they unwrap one and read it that night before bed. I thought that was a lovely idea, I will have to remember that for next year!


kath, mark, ruby and max said...

hey Jan, I love your advent calendar. I love the idea. I read about a family that hung socks up on pegs on a piece of red masking tape and put little treats in the socks each day. Obviously they must be CLEAN socks. I might do that next year. Maybe you could just borrow 12 books from the library. xxxx

Sharon xx said...

That's the same Advent Calendar that we have. Max loves it, it's his job to hang the decorations up on the knobs. Jemima likes to help although she wants to open all the doors all at once.

Great family tradition Jan.

I love the idea of the books too. Might have to snaffoo that one for next year.