Saturday, December 16, 2006

Busy days

I haven't had a chance to update so have a few things to catch up on!

We have been really busy the last few weeks as I'm sure has everyone else, it's a crazy but wonderful time of year. We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Christmas last weekend, we caught up with some of our fabulous friends and had lovely Christmas food and wine - yum!! The kids had a great time opening presents and they were both very very spoilt - thankyou Amanda, Dave & Nathan and Will & Faye.

Wiil & Faye came for lunch on Sunday and bought these huge Christmas bags with the kids present inside, Ella was very pleased when she had found them.........

and even more pleased with what she found inside......

as was Hudson too

the bag proved to be popular too....

Ella had fun handing Will & Fayes present out too which was lovely.

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