Sunday, December 17, 2006

Another Christmas tradition...

Yesterday afternoon we went onto town (in the pouring rain) to see the Christmas train in Myers, the windows and the huge Christmas tree in the mall. We went with our very dear friends Kath, Mark, Ruby & Max and had a lovely time. The kids were so excited which was contagious I must say. We went to the little Christmas train first. Ella, Max & Ruby were very excited standing and waiting with their gold tickets..

but this is what happened when Ella got on :(

needless to say she got off again before the train had even started.
The train driver took Huddy to put him on and when he tried to put him in his seat he started crying too so he didn't go for a ride either. No convincing could get Ella back on the train! They both still got a little bag of goodies which was nice.

We went to the Myer windows which this year is the story of Wombat Divine, a lovely story about a wombat who wants to be in the nativity play but isn't right for any part until the other animals decide he could be the baby Jesus. It was gorgeous and the kids loved it. Really sweet book by Mem Fox which I must get to add to our Christmas collection.

There is a huge tree set up in the mall every year so we went to see that - Ella was astounded. Her words were "its enormous mummy!".

and then later after dinner we saw it all lit up

We had a really great time so I think this will be become another Fletcher family Christmas tradition!!


Anonymous said...

Love to see the stories you are telling about your little family and the photos.
Joan & Kevin

kath, mark, ruby and max said...

gorgeous photos Jan. Good work. Much clearer than mine! We had a lovely time too, even though I was a bit of a cranky nana. Sorry about that.
peace and love, kath xxxx

random thoughts said...

Great photo of the Christmas tree Jan. Looks great!
Safe Travels, Merry Christmas