Friday, June 27, 2008

Big excitement in the Fletcher house!!

The first is that we have Andrew, Sharon, Max and Jemima arriving here next Monday for nearly 2 weeks and the kids are so, so excited about having them here. I love the way they all play so well together (not that it looks like it in this photo taken last time they were up here), we are planning a few special days out with them to make the most of their visit. I wish they could stay longer as I know their visit will just fly by so fast and we miss them all so much. I know Sharon's response to that would be to move back home but unfortunately it's not that easy. I wish it was. We will just have to make do with the couple of times a year that we see them.

The second excitement is that Hudson has finally decided that he wants to wear big boy jocks!!!!! He tells me he's not a baby anymore but a big boy so needs to have his 'wiggle' jocks on. I'm very excited about the idea of having no-one in nappies anymore but not really looking forward to the time I know it is going to take him to get it all down pat and all the accidents I'm sure he'll have. Keep your fingers crossed for us that it happens quickly, lol. It also makes a little bit sad as it's just another sign that my baby is growing up, sob, sob!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I want to go on this!

Check this out- what a treat.

I think this would be classify as one of my perfect getaways, time to get messy and create and time to indulge and be spoilt, what more could a girl want?????

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Had a great time

We had the Scrapbooking Expo on here last weekend and Ruth and I were lucky enough to be able to go on Sunday and Monday to do some of the fantastic classes on offer. We did 3 on Sunday and then spent Monday morning shopping and checking out the beautiful layouts on display followed by 2 more classes. I had a fab time, learnt lots and did some beautiful layouts (well they will be when I finish them, lol).
I did a photography/photoshop course with the very talented and lovely Rachel Richter and learnt heaps, so this week I have been playing with Photoshop Elements and realising that it really isn't that hard or scary. I just wish I had learnt some of these things 18 months ago when I got it, lol. Thanks Rachel!!!
We did the most gorgeous layout in class with the very talented Loretta Grayson which involved lots of layers, stitching and making a picture rather than a layout as such. I still need to finish off mine but you can check out what the finished layout should look like on Loretta's blog. I really love her work and loved doing this type of layout, something I would like to do more of.
Ruth and I also did a class with the new Making Memories Noteworthy range with Gail Pierce-Watne who works for Making Memories. I absolutely love Making Memories and the Noteworthy ranges are so, so divine so I loved all 3 of the layouts we did.
I will post photos of them all as soon as I have added photos to them and finished them off.
So this week I have spent just trying to catch up after such a busy weekend. Feeling pretty tired, which hasn't been helped by the kids having bad nights the last few nights. Ella woke up screaming last night and we finally figured out that the tiny little torch she insisted on taking to bed with her, she had rolled onto and turned it on giving herself a fright. So after comforting her (and Huddy who she woke up) and putting her in our bed she then woke up a few hours later screaming again from a nightmare, poor little thing she was really beside herself, which breaks your heart but isn't great in the middle of the night. I will catch up on sleep one day, lol.

Hope you're having a happy week :)

Friday, June 6, 2008


I decided to challenge myself and do a layout for the blog 123 Challenge for last month. I checked on the blog this afternoon and lo and behold I won a prize!!!!! I can't really believe it, it's a huge surprise, particularly seeing it's the one and only challenge or competition I have entered before. I won a voucher to spend at the online store ScrapTherapy which will be fun trying to choose what I will get, not sure how much its for, $20 I think.

Here's the layout I did for the challenge. You had to use a CD as an embellishment, at least 3 different patterned papers and a 5x7" photo or something from the garden used as a stamp. I went with the 5x7 photo. I used the gorgeous Scenic Route papers from the Lynden range which was their Easter range, such beautiful spring like colours.

The butterfly is a Heidi Swapp Acrylic one that I covered the back with a butterfly from a serviette (thanks for that Ruth!!).
Also another one using a photo taken early last year, I just can't keep up, lol. Lots of machine stitching on this one which you can't see in the photo but which adds some texture to it, love these Dreamstreet papers. gorgeous colours. I think I have thing for green at the moment, lol.