Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our little boy is growing up

From this:

To this in a day!

Hudson had a hair cut last week and asked our hairdresser Mary to cut it short so that's what she did. I think he looks a lot more grown up now. I know that Auntie Sharon and Uncle Andrew will be very happy to see Huddy with all his locks cut off but I'm not sure I like it as much as with a bit of length. He has had lots of favourable responses to it though.

He turns 3 in 2 days time so I suppose I can't prolong the inevitable of him growing up but I'm really a bit sad that he is getting so big so quickly. I don't have a baby anymore (although they will both be my babies forever) and it makes me even more clucky, lol.

We're all gearing up for the big Pirate party this Saturday. Hudson has requested party bags, party food and parcel the parcel (otherwise known as pass the parcel, lol), his main concern is the lollies I think don't you, haha. I'm still trying to think up ideas for pirate food - any suggestions would be greatly welcomed! So far we've got fish bites, cheerios made into small boats, milky way treasure chests, gold nugget cheezels and pirate bread (the pirate version of fairy bread, lol). Oh and cupcakes and the Pirate Ship cake of course too :)'. Hmmm think we may need some fruit to counter act all the junk. I'm sure he'll have a great time whatever food we do.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Very sad news

Last night our beautiful big boofy Cosmo was hit by a car and died. We are all totally devastated and can't actually believe that he's gone and that we won't ever see him again. It all seems a bit surreal at the moment and I'm feeling extreme guilt for not putting him in the house before I went out late yesterday afternoon, if I had he would still be here.

Cosmo was a very gentle, easy going cat that took a lot from the kids. His favourite position was on the back of the couch on his back with his legs splayed or sitting in a box / pram / basket. We loved him heaps, he was more than just a cat he was truly part of our little family.

We've told the kids (one of the hardest things I've done for a long time) but I don't think they really understand. Hudson keeps asking for Cosmo and wants to cuddle him. Ella understands more, she keeps telling us he's in heaven and has lots of love with him. Cosmo's sister Cleo has been very loving and affectionate so I'm sure she's aware he's not with us anymore.

So I thought I would share some photos of our beautiful boy, it's amazing how much they can make you love them.
We will miss him heaps :(

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 123 Challenge

Here's my layout for this months challenge - Self Portrait, at least 5 colours and lots of bling. I 'heart' these Sassafras Lass papers and have had them for a little while but this is the first time I've scrapped a layout using them, they are so bright and fun!
So come on ladies, you have until the end of the month to get your layout into Charmane and Karlene and you could be in the running for a prize! We all love a prize don't we especially a voucher to spend on scrapping goodies :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

For the Royal Highnesses, the Prince and Princess.....

I just thought I would share with you the 2 Castle albums I've just finished for The Scrapbook Princess. I did one for Ella and one for Hudson (using the old style album) and wrote the journaling in a 'fairy tale' story way so it told a little story about each of them. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out in the end even though they were a bit of a long process - mainly due to my lack of motivation, lol.
The photos here are quite small so if you want to see them better then just click on them and they will open in another page bigger,
2008 Aug 05 019 2008 Aug 05 023
2008 Aug 05 025 2008 Aug 05 026
2008 Aug 05 027 2008 Aug 05 028
2008 Aug 05 030 2008 Aug 05 029
2008 Aug 05 031 2008 Aug 05 032
2008 Aug 05 033 I used all Basic Grey Archaic papers for Hudsons, love the colours and the dinosaurs/dragons are very cute!

2008 Aug 05 003 2008 Aug 05 004
2008 Aug 05 007 2008 Aug 05 011
2008 Aug 05 012 2008 Aug 05 015
2008 Aug 05 017 I used the Fancy Pants Kaitlin range for Ella's book, really pretty colours and patterns.

The photos really don't do them justice I think, they sort of look unfinished in the photos but in real life they look like they are, maybe that's just me though. Has anyone else noticed that with photos of layouts or off the page things?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 123 Challenge.

Ooops I should have been on here earlier to let you all know the new criteria for the 123 challenge for August.

1. Lots of Bling
2. A Self-Portrait (Arrggh!)
4. More than five colours.

So come and join in, you have until the last day of the month to get your layout in and you could be in the running for one of the great prizes!!