Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some photos......

Here's a few pics of the very 'Pink' party that Ella had, all of them have been taken by the very talented Megan. For some reason my computer isn't allowing me to download my photos so I've pinched Megans, hers are a lot better than mine would be anyway, lol.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

We've survived!!!!!

Well the Princess is happy and very pleased with how her 4th Birthday Party went, Huddy is raring to go and on a sugar high and Col and I are totally knackered!!!

We've had such a fantastic but frantic few weeks here with Andrew, Sharon, Max and Mima staying here, a surprise visit from my Mum and Dad (which was the best birthday present ever!!!), my 40th Birthday and Party (which I'm still recovering from and which my Darling Hubby did such a brillliant job of organising), a wonderful surprise visit from Miss Kirsty for my Birthday, a huge sale at The Scrapbook Princess and now Ella's 4th Birthday. We've survived though and have had an absolute ball the whole time but being the 40 year old that I am now I'm finding I don't cope too well with all these big things happening now, especially when they all happen at once, lol.

I will be back tomorrow with photos to update you all but I really need to go and just vege on the couch for now, lol.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh Me Oh My!!!!

A while back I applied for a Creative team position on the 123 Challenge blog thinking it would just be good experience to apply and lo and behold I made the creative team!!!!!! I'm a bit gobsmacked really, I wasn't expecting it at all especially seeing I've only done the last 3 months challenges. I loved doing them all and love the fact that it pushes me to use or do things that I wouldn't normally do in my scrapping. It's lots of fun so I urge you ALL to have a go!! The 123 Creative Team has been announced now so check it out on the blog.

Congratulations to all the very talented ladies that also made the Creative team.

I'll be representing an online site on the 123 Challenge blog - Scrap with V so I will be popping over there as soon as the craziness calms down here and introducing myself to all the lovely ladies there. :)

Here's my layout for this months challenge : Use string as a border, Use Orange, Green, Pink & Maroon {will allow Red} & Stamping.

Also the next 123 Cybercrop will be held on Monday 17th of August starting at 7:30pm - we would LOVE to see you there! MORE DETAILS SOON!
Winners of the 123 June Cybercrop will be announced Soon!