Wednesday, April 25, 2007


We went to the Eumundi market last week, a fabulous market in the Noosa hinterland. Ella spotted a woman doing face painting not long after we got there and was very, very keen to have her face painted. This was the first time she has ever had her face painted and she took a long time checking out all the photos of what she could have done before finally deciding on the Tiger, no fairies, butterflies or hearts for my girl, lol. I was so proud of her sitting so still while she had it done and the look on her face was priceless. She was so, so excited and wore her Tiger face proudly :)

Her Tiger roaring.

Max chose to have a Batman face which the lady did in blue colours, much nicer for a little boy. He was pretty proud of his face too and kept showing off his Batman muscles.

Max gave his face the "two thumbs up".

Sunday, April 22, 2007

How funny is this!!

Sharon and I were on the couch laughing so much we were crying when we first saw this, I hope you think it's as funny as we did.

Yeehaaa they're here!!!!

We have Andrew and Sharon, Max & Jemima staying here with us on holidays at the moment, YAY!!!
They drove up from Melb and Sharon kept us up to date the whole way on where they were by texting, Ella & I followed them on the map which she loved. The kids were so, so excited about them coming and Ella kept asking every 5 minutes when they were arriving. The kids were all so excited about seeing each other and gave each other big hugs hello, cute!!

Look at that cute face.

Ella took on the role of hostess showing Jemima around our home.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Remember this?!?

Teehee I do, we used to have family renditions of this.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Our Easter Sunday

We had a lovely quiet family Easter Sunday yesterday. The kids realised that the Easter Bunny had been during the night and had an Easter egg hunt in which they had an absolute ball finding all the eggs. Hudson got right into it too, looking around everywhere for where that sneaky bunny had hidden the eggs.

I promise you they didn't fill the basket with eggs, it was the first basket I could find at short notice, I forgot to organise that the night before, *blush*.
The Stash.
We did end up going down to Seaworld for our last time on our annual passes, I can't believe it's been a year since we got them, that has flown by. I had thought we would use them more than we did but we still did get our monies worth. Excellent thing to have if you have kids. Hudson was very excited about being there and wanted to go on every ride right then, right now.
Ella on one of the kids rides and just cos' I like it.

The Seaworld Eye, a 60 metre Ferris wheel that is only at Seaworld until May. So glad we got to go on it. The view is spectacular up there. I must admit I felt very uncomfortable going up there but it felt totally safe so I soon got over my fears.

The view of Surfers from the top of the Eye.

Ella loves the touch pools at Shark Bay, she's happy to try touching anything in there.

and finally Ella & I doing funny cheesy grins.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Happy Easter one & all.

Hope your all enjoying the Easter break and having a lovely time with your family.

We are having a very quiet Easter on our own this year, the first time ever. We have no plans really but would like to do something nice together as a family on Sunday. Our Seaworld passes expire next week so we may even venture down that way to get one last visit in. I am going scrapbooking at our regular shop, the Scrapbook Princess tomorrow, they have a free scrap day so I'm off with a couple of lovely girlfriends, looking forward to that.

Easter Bunny is arriving on Sunday, Ella has been jumping around the house today pretending to be the Easter Bunny all day. She is very excited. Hudson just likes the chocolate, he has a sweet tooth like his Mum, lol.

Happy Easter to everyone.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

another layout...

One of our very funny boy, he's going to be the class clown when he grows up, I'm sure of it.
These are some of the gorgeous new Scenic Route papers I got the other night, loving them!

Great time had by all!!

We had a fabulous time on the weekend celebrating Amanda's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA, again.
The resort is really lovely and the apartment was beautiful and very spacious, perfect for a family. The only draw back was the weather. We've had months of beautiful weather and then we go away for the weekend and wouldn't you know it, the weather is miserable, very overcast and windy with rain most of Sunday.
The kids still spent a lot of Saturday afternoon in the pool which totally tired them out, the plan worked, haha.

We had a lovely lunch on Saturday with Amanda being very organised, as per usual and giving us all gorgeous homemade party bags. They were so cute, she's such a clever Chicky that one. She also made her own cakes which were Yummo!! Can you see a theme?? The boys even got stubby holders covered in frangipanis. The kids thought they were fantastic, thankyou again Amanda, your way too kind :)

We managed to get the kids into bed pretty early on the Saturday night, before the baby sitter arrived, even though she arrived 1/2 hour early, so they were none the wiser about us not being there. It's funny how you stress over things and they then turn out to be nothing to stress about at all, human nature I suppose. We had a great night, the food was good and the company lovely. It was so nice to go out with a group of friends and not have to worry about the kids at all, well I did worry about them but not in the same way.

We went for a walk on Sunday morning down to the beach but it was so windy there which was very disappointing. The beach there is beautiful , a big long stretch of lovely sand that is patrolled by the resorts own surf club.

Because the weather was miserable we thought we would drive down to Byron for lunch but when we got there the traffic was atrocious so we turned around and ended up going to the gorgeous little town of Bangalow where we had lunch in the pub. The food was lovely and it was a really nice way to finish off the weekend :)

We drove home via Byron because Col had never been there and we thought he should at least drive through, lol. The drive from Bangalow to Byron is beautiful with some fabulous views, thank goodness it had stopped raining a bit by then. We drove up to the lighthouse, what spectacular views from up there!! and then home, back to reality.