Monday, April 9, 2007

Our Easter Sunday

We had a lovely quiet family Easter Sunday yesterday. The kids realised that the Easter Bunny had been during the night and had an Easter egg hunt in which they had an absolute ball finding all the eggs. Hudson got right into it too, looking around everywhere for where that sneaky bunny had hidden the eggs.

I promise you they didn't fill the basket with eggs, it was the first basket I could find at short notice, I forgot to organise that the night before, *blush*.
The Stash.
We did end up going down to Seaworld for our last time on our annual passes, I can't believe it's been a year since we got them, that has flown by. I had thought we would use them more than we did but we still did get our monies worth. Excellent thing to have if you have kids. Hudson was very excited about being there and wanted to go on every ride right then, right now.
Ella on one of the kids rides and just cos' I like it.

The Seaworld Eye, a 60 metre Ferris wheel that is only at Seaworld until May. So glad we got to go on it. The view is spectacular up there. I must admit I felt very uncomfortable going up there but it felt totally safe so I soon got over my fears.

The view of Surfers from the top of the Eye.

Ella loves the touch pools at Shark Bay, she's happy to try touching anything in there.

and finally Ella & I doing funny cheesy grins.


Anonymous said...

how awesome is the view? I LOVE the photo of you and ella. Must scrap that one!

maxandmimasmummy said...

Fabulous photos as usual Jan. I love the ones of the kids collecting Easter eggs, especially Ella showing Col one as if she's saying 'Ner Ner!'

The view from The Eye is sensational. Why is it only there for a short amount of time? Is it going somewhere else? They're putting one in the city at Docklands soon and it's temporarily at Birrarung Marr while they ready the other site. It should give fabulous views of Melbourne.

We need to see more photos of you and the kids!