Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yeehaaa they're here!!!!

We have Andrew and Sharon, Max & Jemima staying here with us on holidays at the moment, YAY!!!
They drove up from Melb and Sharon kept us up to date the whole way on where they were by texting, Ella & I followed them on the map which she loved. The kids were so, so excited about them coming and Ella kept asking every 5 minutes when they were arriving. The kids were all so excited about seeing each other and gave each other big hugs hello, cute!!

Look at that cute face.

Ella took on the role of hostess showing Jemima around our home.

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keelysmum said...

Jan, love the photos, they all look very cute giving each other cuddles. I am jealous you have my special friends up there for 3 weeks!!!! I want to see more posts of yourself and the kids and Shaz and the kids. Enjoy your holidays with everyone. Wish we were there too. Love Steph x