Friday, April 6, 2007

Happy Easter one & all.

Hope your all enjoying the Easter break and having a lovely time with your family.

We are having a very quiet Easter on our own this year, the first time ever. We have no plans really but would like to do something nice together as a family on Sunday. Our Seaworld passes expire next week so we may even venture down that way to get one last visit in. I am going scrapbooking at our regular shop, the Scrapbook Princess tomorrow, they have a free scrap day so I'm off with a couple of lovely girlfriends, looking forward to that.

Easter Bunny is arriving on Sunday, Ella has been jumping around the house today pretending to be the Easter Bunny all day. She is very excited. Hudson just likes the chocolate, he has a sweet tooth like his Mum, lol.

Happy Easter to everyone.

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maxandmimasmummy said...

Happy Easter! Can't wait to hear more about your weekend. Hope the kids had a ball at Seaworld yesterday. I definitely want to to see your layouts from your scrap day.