Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Two fat Cats

Couldn't resist sharing this photo. Cosmo and Cleo both on the auto trolley, definitely 2 fat cats - and spoilt too!!!

Our little girl is growing up.

Sob Sob, my baby is getting all growed up!!

Ella got her 'big girl bed' a few weeks ago but I only got her new doona cover the other day so I hadn't taken a photo of her in it. She is very excited about her bed and new doona and now thinks she is very grown up of course, lol.

I am IN LOVE with her new bed linen, its gorgeous!! I think I'm living vicariously through her as I would never have that type of thing on our bed but I adore it, it looks so sweet on Ella's though. I must admit I went a little silly, buying everything matching, including the rug on the floor but I just couldn't resist. She's going to have this for a long time!!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Great weekend!

God here I am finally getting to post about last weekend and its already Friday, arrrgghh!! where does the week go?

Anyway we had a great time last weekend, particularly because Nic and Jake were here but also because we got to catch up with some lovely friends. We went to Salt on Saturday, a big resort south of Tweed Heads and caught up with Bel, Graeme, Amanda, Dave & Nathan. I forgot my camera though which is really not like me as it is normally attached to me permanently so no photos unfortunately. We had a lovely lunch at the Pub there and then the boys and kids spent the afternoon in the pool, a really lovely lovely pool. Amanda is spending her 40th Birthday weekend there and we are hoping to join them, can't wait!

On Sunday we headed to Noosa on Nic's request. We had lunch at a lovely restaurant on the beach - Bistro C and then wandered the shops. We managed to get Mums Birthday present (not telling MUM, its a secret!) which was wonderful. Overall a very lovely but busy weekend. Oh and I did take my camera on Sunday so here are a few shots for you.

What a 2 year old does with Nappy Rash Cream!!!!

Nic and I were busy discussing Mum's up coming birthday party and didn't notice what Ella was up to, even though she was in the same room as us. Any way this is what a 2 year old does when she finds a small (thankfully) tub of nappy rash cream. I must of knocked it off the change table but didn't realise, trust Ella to find it!

Do you think she's been watching Col shave??

Monday, February 12, 2007

New Cwocks!!

The kids got into the latest trend the other day when we got them some Crocs or "Cwocks" as Ella calls them, lol. She loves hers because they are pink and have love heart holes in the front of them. They actually aren't the original crocs but some kid friendly ones from Target, Ella's are a slightly different style which suits her narrow foot much better and Hudsons are the original style. Huddy is very poroud of his blue pair and carries them around the house saying "shooos, shooos". They are a definite hit !!

So wonderful!!!

We have Nic and Baby Jake staying with us at the moment and we are loving it!!! We will be very sad when they leave for Sydney on Thursday. The kids have been really lovely with Jake although Hudson really has no idea of his own strength. He is very very good at giving 'cuddles with momentum', a term given to him when we stayed in Ocean Grove.

Ella loves to help Auntie Nic with Jake each night and lies on the bed having her bottle with him, very cute.

Here she is singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to him

and reading him a story.

Poor Jake is going to be know as 'Baby Jake' in this household for a very long time. Its a name I called him when he was born and has now stuck. He'll be turning 21 and still known as Baby Jake, teehee.

It's been great being able to spend time with them both and to catch up on everything happening in Nic's life. It's so hard with them living on the other side of the world. Now we just need them to move back to Australia so we are a lot closer and able to catch up more regularly!!!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Summer holiday fun!!

The kids (and Col & I) had a great time while we were down south and were really good with all the dragging around we did with them. We were so busy catching up with friends & family and they took it all in their stride, I think they may be little party animals, hehe. Anyway so I don't bore everyone with too much crapping on I thought I would just post a few more photos of what we got up to and then leave it at that - phew I hear you say.

A Pianist in the making??

Ella & Huddy had a lovely time filling up Margies pond with water from the esky and feeding the fish everyday.

They loved the pool that Auntie Ros gave them for Christmas and spent a lot of time in it while we were at Margies.

We spent a day at the Melbourne Zoo which the kids loved and which I thought was fabulous. It had been a very very long time since I had been there and it had changed heaps, lots of new enclosures. I loved the Orangutan and the elephant enclosures, they were done brilliantly. Definitely worth a visit if you can :)