Friday, October 17, 2008

So talented.....

A while ago a girlfriend introduced me to this amazing couple who met on flickr from opposites sides of the world and then fell in love, such a sweet romantic story. Rosie and Aaron have now started a blog as well so I thought I would post about it, they are definitely worth a look.

I love their photos and the amazing photoshopping they do.

Do yourself a favour and GO check them out...................

Quick update.

Just thought I should do a quick update.

The kids and I flew down to Melbourne on Tuesday and after a quick lunch with Andrew, Sharon, Max and Mima we headed up to my Mum and Dads house in Charlton.

We have been having a lovely time, it's very relaxing here and Ella and Huddy are loving being with their Nana and Poppy. The thing they were looking forward to the most (besides seeing Nana & Poppy of course) was going for a ride on Poppy's tractor! Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet as the tractor wouldn't start, needless to say the kids were really disappointed but Dad did get it started late today so it's on the agenda for first thing in the morning. Cross your fingers that the old Massey Ferguson, more endearingly known as Fergie, starts tomorrow for us, lol.

I love coming to my parents house, it's relaxing, cool in Summer (cold in winter though), has a lovely garden and is a beautiful old home filled with lots of memories from my childhood, not that I grew up here but my mother is a true hoarder and there are lots of little things around the house that remind me of my childhood.

Hudson has been following my Dad around like for the last few days, concerned about where he is when ever he can't see him and pestering him for rides on the tractor or for a push on the swing. Poor Dad has spent quite a bit of time the last few days pushing him or Ella on the swing on their back verandah - bliss for me though, lol!

Tomorrow is a big day for Charlton, it's the Charlton Agriculture Show, an annual event that the whole town comes out for. Mum has been busy doing her bit to support the town and show by entering some floral arrangements. I'll try to remember to take a photo of them tomorrow, she's done a great job considering they are in the middle of a drought and she has had a lot of plants die and the garden definitely isn't up to standard. I'll let you know how she goes, lol. I have very fond memories of the Wycheproof show and entering numerous things, quite often getting a prize too. I'm looking forward to tomorrow as are the kids, Ella's keen for the animals and Huddy the rides. They are even having fireworks tomorrow night, hopefully the kids will last as I'm sure they would love it, it won't be up to the standards of NYE or Riverfest but I'm sure the kids will think they are spectacular none the less.

We are off down to Rye on Tuesday, really looking forward to catching up with some friends down there. The last few times we've been 'home' either I or the kids were sick so unable to catch up with anyone. I've organised a lunch with some girlfriends, a dinner with some other girlfriends and a another lunch with friends so that should be heaps of fun. Other than that we will be just spending time with Col's family and chilling out. We then head to Andrew and Sharon's house for the rest of our stay. This is a huge highlight in Ella and Huddys eyes as not only will they get to play with Max and Mima but it is also Max's 5th Birthday while we are there and he is having a party - the absolutely most exciting thing that could happen according to them, lol!!!!

So there you are, a quick update on our whereabouts, well not so quick but that's what happens when there is nothing on tv, no scrapping to be done and the housework isn't calling.

Ahhhh holidays, bliss!!!!!!!


More yumminess!!!!!

Oh my I am definitely getting myself some of this - the new Sassafras Lass Christmas range, Life at the Pole. They just now how to do it don't they, the epitome of cuteness. Loving it!!!!

Loving this!!!

Just saw the new range from Websters pages and I must say I love it! So pretty.

And they are having a giveaway too, go here to check it out :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 123 Criteria is.........

It's a little different this month as Charmane and Karlene loved all the suggestions put up....

Use THREE of the following criteria on your layout:
1 Hand-stitching
2 Use the colour purple somewhere on the layout
3 garden theme!
4 an animal somewhere... there's loads of cute animal embellies at the moment like birds, owls, bugs, butterfly or create your own

if you want to use all of the criteria - EVEN BETTER!!!

THE NEXT 123 Cybercrop WILL BE HELD ON Monday 13th of October starting at 7:30pm - MORE details coming soon!