Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where have the last 2 years gone?????

I can't believe it's 2 years since Hudson was born but it is. It was his 2nd Birthday today and he's not my baby anymore but a real little boy - a rough and tumble, cuddly, loving, thug of a boy!!!

Sadly we had a very quiet day today due to both Hudson and Ella being sick again (just not our year this year) but we did have a lovely little celebration with our friends on Sunday. It's our gorgeous friends Erin's 4th Birthday on Friday so we had a joint celebration for them both and thank goodness the weather turned and it stopped raining on Saturday and was a beautiful sunny day on Sunday. Hudson was a very spoilt boy and got lots of fabulous presents which he is having heaps of fun exploring. He also got quite a few presents in the mail which was very exciting for him, opening the parcel and then the present - a double present, lol.

We had a little family party tonight with fairy bread, cheerios (little boys/sausages), homemade sausage rolls and Birthday cake for tea. Not a gourmet dinner by any standard but Hudson and Ella both thought it was pretty great. They were both so excited about making the cake this afternoon, decorating it and then blowing out the candles (we did it 5 times, lol) for neither of them to actually eat any of the cake. It was a really lovely low key night.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Saw this on another blog, it tickled my fancy.

Very funny & clever Mum!!!

they survived......

the curls that is.

Huddy had his hair cut last weekend and I was really worried that his curls would all disappear. Not that he had a lot cut off but it is a lot shorter than it was - don't think I could do a top knot now, lol. in fact the curls have come back with a vengeance, I think the weight of his hair was pulling them down.

Very happy Mummy here, I love my boys curls.


and After

excuse the grubby face in the last shots, Huddy had been eating one of his favourite meals, marinated chicken wings.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Some pics....

Just thought I would share some of my latest layouts. I've been doing a few as part of the Design Team for the Scrapbook Princess and had heaps of fun working with things I proabably wouldn't normally pick myself. It's great to challenge yourself and think in a different way, fun too!!

And these are a few I did a little while ago but haven't shown you :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Wow what a bad blogger I've been. I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I last blogged - bad, bad, bad!!!!

I do have some sort of excuse, probably not the best of excuses but an excuse none the less. We have been the house of illness, take your pick from conjunctivitis, tonsillitis, respiratory tract infection, sinusitis, flu, gastro and might as well throw in a case of constipation as well. You name it we've had it, thank god Margie was here as there is no way I could've coped being sick and looking after both sick kids as well, she was a lifesaver. We also spent 6 days down on the gold Coast as well so that's the reasons I haven't been here, motivation is still coming back I'm afraid.

So what's happening with us otherwise??? Here's just a quick update and a few photos to share with you.

Ella & Huddy have started playing together a lot more and it's so gorgeous to see them having fun together. I suppose it has a lot to do with Hudson being nearly 2 and a lot more interested in what Ella is doing. He still doesn't have the attention span so it doesn't last long but that will change before we know it I'm sure. They love to have tickle fests and I just adore the giggling that comes from them both when they do, so cute.

We had to laugh the other day when we heard Hudson yelling out "help, help, stuck" and came into the playroom to find him like this, lol.

We have loved having Margie here to stay with us and the kids have used her story telling skills to great use. It's so lovely to see this every night, they are going to miss her terribly when she goes home next Monday ( and so will we!!!)

Ella's drawing skills are coming along in leaps and bounds, I took this photo of her drawing of Col the other day as I was so impressed, I was so excited to see an actual face with eyes, nose, cheeks and mouth actually in the head space and not all over the place as she has been doing, lol. I love this stage, watching them get their drawing skills together.

Hudson's hair is getting longer and longer and he is actually going to the hairdresser on Saturday for a hair cut not just a trim, I'm praying he doesn't lose all his beautiful curls. I've been wanting to put his hair up in a top knot for ages and ages but Col wouldn't let me. He couldn't stop me when he was at work though. Isn't he a pretty boy! Huddy actually quite liked it and wore it for the whole day like this, much to Col's disgust, especially when I took him to the airport to pick up Murphy & Merrick. Huddy hasn't let me put it up again though, I think Col may have had words with him, lol.

As I said we spent 6 days down on the Gold Coast at an apartment Margie booked through timeshare. I wasn't sure about going seeing we were all still recovering from our illnesses but it was really the best thing for us all. We had a wonderful time and it was really, really relaxing, no housework, washing, jobs staring at me every day!!! The weather was beautiful, lovely sunny days and about 25 degrees everyday - perfect. The kids had fun in the spa and down at the beach and park and we had a couple of lovely lunches with friends catching up.

This was the view from our apartment, it was in Labrador up on the north side of the Broadwater.
Col cooked a seafood extravaganza one night at Murphy's request and it was DELICIOUS!!!! He outdid himself, we had crayfish, prawns, scallops and oysters and not one bit was left over. I had to take a photos we were all so impressed.
And finally a photo of the kids in the spa with Murphy, it looks like it was taken a night time but it was actually at about 5.00pm just before sunset, and Murphy does have bathers on, you just can't see her bikini top, lol.

So that's it really, in short form anyway, I promise to try and be a bit more diligent and update a lot more regularly.

Love to all xxx