Saturday, August 25, 2007

they survived......

the curls that is.

Huddy had his hair cut last weekend and I was really worried that his curls would all disappear. Not that he had a lot cut off but it is a lot shorter than it was - don't think I could do a top knot now, lol. in fact the curls have come back with a vengeance, I think the weight of his hair was pulling them down.

Very happy Mummy here, I love my boys curls.


and After

excuse the grubby face in the last shots, Huddy had been eating one of his favourite meals, marinated chicken wings.


Anonymous said...

Jan he has still got his curls because you only cut his fringe! hehehehe Jadex

ruth said...

he's a cutie patootie that Huddie!


maxandmimasmummy said...

Jade is right, all you did was cut his fringe. I still think he'd look gorgeous in blue satin pedal pushers with white stockings and black patent leather shoes with gold buckles. It's not too late to chaneg his name to Chauncy or Tristram you know.

It's just as well I love him or I could really make fun of his hair.

keelysmum said...

He looks very cute with his haircut and I must admit I love curls. Gee he is so much like Daddy!!!!