Monday, December 4, 2006

Getting the feel of Christmas....

We got our tree on Saturday and decorated it to the delight of Ella & Hudson, although it was short lived and Ella decided she would prefer to watch a show instead. Hudson is enthralled by the tree and the temptation to touch it just too much for him. He keeps going out to the front room to look at it and points to it with a big grin on his face, very cute.

I love this time of year and Ella is so into it this year which is making it very exciting. She keeps asking to go and see Santa but I'm sure once we are there she won't want to go anywhere near him, lol. She has had her Santa request ready for a while and is still quite definite on what she wants from him...."a bicycle with pedals, an umbrella and a kite". Luckily the bike was already bought, just have to make sure he gets a kite and umbrella for her now.
This year I am quite organised in the Christmas shopping dept, amazing I know, I've surprised myself.

We are all really looking forward to coming home for Chrissy!!!