Friday, October 12, 2007

Our little Artists.

Ella ia really enjoying her drawing at the moment and has started doing drawings of people that you can actually decipher as a person instead of doing a head on one side of the page and eyes on the other (not in the head) and feet/arms/ears etc, elsewhere. She is very into drawing all of us at the moment and I am loving it. I thought I would share a photo of her artwork, it's got the whole family in it, including the two cats, lol. She had done individual ones of all of us prior to this big one and was getting sick of it by the time it got to Huddy and the cats.

Thought I should also share a photo of Hudson's artwork too, he loves drawing as well and I can't wait to see his interpretations of us in the future.
Excuse the crap photos, the drawings are hanging on the wall in the kitchen where I can't get straight on so I've had to take the photos from an angle which makes the drawings looks a bit odd.

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keelysmum said...

Ella's artwork is fabulous, love it. Keely is doing some great pictures too which also looks like people. I have so much craft up around the house as I cannot throw any of it away!! I also can't throw any empty containers out as Keely makes things out of them, love it. Keely is having a craft party for her 4th birthday, can't wait, will be fun. Excellent work too Huddy, love all the colours he is using.
You have some budding artists in your household...Steph xxxx