Sunday, October 28, 2007


Here's a few more photo's from our day up in the hills, it's so beautiful up there and if it wasn't so far away from the business we would seriously look at moving there, we both loved it so much. I had been to Maleny for our girls weekend away but not Montville and I wish we had of headed straight to Montville, it's such a pretty little town with lots of cute and quirky shops to wander through. Next time we have visitors we will definitely be taking them up there for a look.

We took this one of all of us by self timer but it's a bit dark, it was late in the afternoon. I thought I would include it anyway as it's not often we have a photo of all of us together.


keelysmum said...

What fantastic views. Next time I get to Brisbane, you can take Keely and I there!!!! You never know, might organise a trip next year to Cairns to see family, so might do Brisbane stop too. Love the family picture, it's nice seeing you all. Love Steph xxx

Anita said...

It's all so beautiful up there isn't it?