Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sisterly Love???

Ella has been going through a very loving stage, she wants to hug and kiss us all the time, sometimes with a little bit too much passion. I love that she wants to do it as does Col but I'm not sure that Huddy does. I took these photos on our day up to Maleny/Montville for Col's Birthday. The cafe where we had lunch had a cubby house in the garden which was perfect to keep the kids happy while we had lunch. Ella decided she needed to give Huddy one of her hugs and kisses while we were there. He already has the "get off me and leave me alone face" of embarrassment, lol.


keelysmum said...

Jan, these pictures are adorable. I love them, Ella is hanging on for dear life and Huddy really isn't sure on all this smooching!! Classic pictures which I am sure you will "scrap" really well. Mwah xxxxxx

dani_luigi said...

Oh..I so know this stage, Ef is going through the same thing. Drives Joss absolutley NUTS!! The kids are growing up so fast.