Friday, October 12, 2007

My poor Hubby!

It was Col's Birthday on Wednesday but yet again we were a house of sickness :(. Ella and I had some horrible tummy bug and she spent Tues and Wed vomiting, and I felt like crap so Col's birthday was a huge non-event. I don't think the kids even realised it was his birthday as we decided to postpone it until Sunday when we are all feeling much better and he is home for the day. The kids and I have been shopping to get his presents and they are very excited about his Birthday on 'Sunday" lol. I hope we can make up for the horrible day that was his actual birthday.

So if you read this before Sunday, give him a call on Sunday to wish him Happy Birthday, he'll wonder how on earth you know, lol.

Oh as an aside, I just wanted to say I'M SICK OF HAVING SICK KIDS!!!!!!!!! We have had such a bad run of sickness the last few months I think we have well and truly had our share so NO MORE! thankyou very much.
Ok I feel better now I got that off my chest, lol.


Dani said...

Buggery poo to vomit. It's so draining isn't it? I hope it stays away from here on in and Col enjoys his Sunday.

keelysmum said...

You poor thing, hope the sickness has gone from the house as you have certainly had your fair share. Enjoy Col's birthday celebrations on Sunday, he will love as will the kids. Great to see your blog update, was missing reading whats going on up there in Brissie. Take care....Mwah....Steph xxxx