Friday, September 21, 2007

A Wonderful weekend away......

I had an absolutely fabulous weekend away!!! It was a beautiful spot, the house was perfect for a large group and for scrapping, the food was yummy, the drinks plentiful and the company superb!!!!! What more could anyone ask for??
I managed to be quite productive with the layouts (well for me anyway) and finished 8 of them as well as a starting a mini book so I'm rapt I did more than the last weekend away. One of the layouts included a really fun challenge by Sharon which was a round robin where we each started our own layout with a photo taken on the weekend by Megan of ourselves and then passed it around the table, each having only 10 minutes to add to the layout. All the layouts turned out fabulously and I love mine - it's the one with smile on it. The talent there on the weekend was phenomenal and really inspiring for me, I've come back with a renewed energy for scrapping, I just hope I can keep the mojo going.
I missed the kids and Col terribly while I was away but I must say it was nice to only have myself to worry about and organise and it was wonderful to be able to wake up by myself each morning instead of waking up to yelling children!! I think having some time away makes you more appreciative of everything you have and it helps to renew your energy as well. Hopefully we'll be making this a 6 monthly event, I can't wait until the next one, lol. I didn't take many photos at all on the weekend and none of all the girls really but I thought I would share some of the ones I did take, it was such a pretty area, so green and lush looking thanks to all the rain they've had up there lately - so beautiful. Also I've finally checked out Picasa and wanted to have a play :). The last photo is of all the work done by us all on the weekend - not bad hey!


keelysmum said...

Hey Jan, the weekend sounded fabulous and what fabulous work you all did....a very clever bunch of ladies. I love the way you posted the pictures, they look great. Keep up the great work and I am sure your mojo will just keep coming. Look forward to seeing more posts. It's hard being away from kids/hubby, but it's also nice to have "our" time and to recharge the batteries. xxxxx

ruth said...

*sigh* it seems so long ago already doens't it?