Thursday, June 14, 2007

Carnival fun.

I forgot that I hadn't added these photos from the Carnival we went to the weekend before last. It was the Crackerjack Carnival which raises funds for local youth groups. We went down on the Sunday after most of the festivites were finished but the kids still had a great time. Of course the first thing we saw when we walked in was the face painting and what did Ella want??? A Tiger again! I tried to convince her to have fairy or butterfly or another animal but no she definitely wanted a tiger again. So here she is, not a great photo because she moves and bounces around so much that it's hard to get a good one of her.

I must say I was very impressed with the face painting though, she looked like a fabulous Tiger!

The other thing the kids loved was the pony ride. Hudson wasn't sure at the beginning as you can see but he warmed up a bit as the ride went on.


Kath, Mark, Ruby and Max. said...

that is seriously fantastic face painting. and what a cutie patootie pony. xxxx

keelysmum said...

Great pictures, love the facepainting - fabulous job. The kids look really good - they have grown up so much. Keely went on a pony a few weeks ago, think she had the same reaction as Hudson, but after a while she was great. xx