Friday, June 8, 2007

Art Journal - week 21 & 22

Well I was going to try and be really good and do each weeks prompt on time but I've already been a bit slack. Last weeks prompt was 'your redeeming qualities or qualities you aspire towards' which I found really difficult. I was going to take the easy way out and do qualities that I aspire to have but I decided to do as Emily suggested and take some time to think about my qualities. In the end I had to ask Col what he thought they were as I just felt like I was being really vain and then I started to doubt that I actually was these things. Anyway here's week 21 Art journal card:

I tried out a method that Emily told us about at the beginning of the challenge (week 3). You can't see it very well but my photo has been burnished onto the card. You take a colour photo copy of a photo then paint the back with nail polish remover and then burnish it on with a spoon. You're supposed to use nail polish remover with acetone in it but of course my nail polish remover was acetone free, lol. I tried it out anyway and it did work but probably not as well as using the proper stuff. It 's was a lot of fun trying it, I'll definitely give it a go again.

This weeks challenge was 'what would you love to learn?'. There are so many things I would love to learn, another language, photography, adobe photoshop, patience lol, new cooking skills, quilting, felting, shall I go on!! I had trouble just choosing one of them. In the end I settled on learning to sail. something I've always really wanted to do, I think the feeling of being in control of a boat sailing around on the water would be bliss. I love the water and what better way to enjoy it more. So here's the card, not really sailing inspired at all........ but I was pretty happy with it. You can't see very well but there is a little bit of bling on the card, every girl needs a bit of bling don't they.


maxandmimasmummy said...

They are absolutely fabulous Jan. I love them. I love the way each card is so different from the last and your style is really evolving. Maybe not having a photo to distract you is allowing the more artisitic and adventurous side of you to emerge. Stunning!

Je@net said...

Great cards!!

emfalconbridge said...

i love how much thought and care you put into these - they turned out wonderfully :)

Kirsty D said...

Oh Jan - your cards are sensational! I've just started this challenge as well and hoping to do the catch up ones on our weekend away!