Sunday, June 10, 2007

Brisbane Scrapbooking Convention

I took myself off to the Scrapbook Convention today to do a couple of classes. I did a class by the lovely Loretta Grayson first and then the very full of life, Kelly Goree. What a heap of fun!!! I loved both of them and learn't a lot. I haven't got photos yet as I didn't finish either of the projects in the classes and I was hoping my mojo would continue when I got home but then I finished off the bottle of Vintage Grant Burge (to celebrate!!! more of that later) and I sort of fell in a heap, lol.
Promise to post photos soon.

I'm looking forward to catching up with our gorgeous friends Amanda and Nathan for lunch tomorrow, poor Dave has been called to Newcastle to help with the huge storm damage they've had down there so won't be here and we'll miss him but otherwise it should be fun!!

Enjoy the long weekend. xx

edited to add: I forgot to say that I walked around a corner of the exhibition today and saw a huge photo of my boy that was up as part of the very talented Rachel Richter's display. Also another gorgeous one of Max and Jemima, photo as proof following!

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