Thursday, September 18, 2008


For anyone that watched So you Think you can Dance you would have seen this last night but I thought i would share with you. These two guys are astounding! I'm not really into popping but I couldn't believe some of the moves these guys have. Robert the one in the pac man t-shirt must be double and triple jointed to be able to do the moves he does. Awesome - check it out!


maxandmimasmummy said...

Absolutely amazing.

Kim said...

Thank you Jan for sharing this clip. It was on while I was away so I missed it :( They are both amazing 'poppers', one is triple jointed as you mentioned and the other has limbs made from rubber. Loved it (had to watch it twice LOL).
Thanks for popping (pardon the pun) by my blog. It's nice to know who is reading it.