Monday, September 29, 2008

Fab Family Day!

It was a gorgeous day in Brissy yesterday so we decided to take the kids down to the beach. Now there aren't a lot of choice for beaches in Brisbane itself, there are mostly mud flats but there is one really lovely but very busy spot not that far from us - Wellington Point. So we headed down there and the kids had a ball, they had their first swim (well paddle really) and made their first sand castle for the season. It was lovely. The playground there has been redone and Ella and Huddy had a great time playing on it as well as climbing all over the huge root system from the magnificent Moreton Bay Figs there.

Of course I had to take my camera with us to have a bit of a practice, lol.

Huddy loves to kiss and cuddle, I dread the day where he'll be too embarrassed to kiss us in public, I hope he never stops doing this.

We were going to just get take away from the Cafe there but they were so busy we ended up going to the restaurant and having a lovely lunch with a nice glass of wine - pure Sunday bliss!!!!!

Ella and Col decided to swap sunnies.

Of course Hudson had to be in on it too.

This kids got attitude!!!!

When we got home Ella insited on going in the pool for a swim, there was no way I was getting in, the water was freezing. She had a lovely time paddling around although she did admit to be 'freeeeeeezzing' when she got out, lol.

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maxandmimasmummy said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous day, I'm jealous. The weekend weather was glorious here as well but there were no trips to the beach. I remember Max climbing over the roots of those Moreton Bay Figs when he was almost 2, It's such a beautiful spot.

Smooch the kids for me xx