Thursday, September 4, 2008

Aaarrrrggghhhh! Me hearties

We've been in total Pirate mode the last week with Hudson's Pirate party last Saturday. He had an absolute ball and has been really sad and disappointed this week that his Birthday is now over, lol. Ella and he dressed up as pirates and I thought they both looked very cute indeed. Hudson was a bit subdued but Ella really got into the whole pirate thing and even had a parrot (well duck) on her shoulder and ran around yelling "Where's your buccaneers? On your Buccanhead" which was courtesy of Col!.
I made name tags for everyone with their pirate name on them which I got from here which we all had a bit of a laugh about. Hudson's was 'Cheatin Harvey Jones', Ella's was ' Cap'n Jezebel Fancypants', mine was 'High pitched Wilma' and Col's was 'Pirate Edmund the Dagger'. Hehe I think they are very funny, If you have a go make sure to leave me a comment and let me know what your Pirate name is too :)

So here's Cheatin Harvy Jones
What a cute Pirate!
The Pirate Ship Cake which Huddy insisted on ( I tried to get him to change his mind to a treasure chest because I thought it would be easier but he wasn't having it, lol)
The Pirate Ship cake The Pirate Ship cake
Pirate cupcakes and treasure chests.
IMG_3855 Treasure chests

More Pirate ships and we also had fish bites in the shape of fish which the kids loved.
More boats
Cap'n Jezebel Fancypants with her parrot ;)
The parrot on her shoulder

and the very cute but Motley bunch of Pirates who were giving us their best "AARRRRRGGHH" :)
Arrrrgghh! What a gnarly looking bunch of Pirates.
doesn't Lucy (the baby) look so cute with her eye patch on, lol.


maxandmimasmummy said...

Looks like a fabulous time was had by everyone Jan, well done! The cake looks fabulous, I bet Hudson was thrilled with it. The Pirate name badges were a brilliant idea. Can't wait to see more pics and some layouts!

Ruth said...

Still alot of Aaarrrggghh-ing going on around here! Pity I missed such a fabulous party. And WOW check out that cake! Fantastic.

Anita said...

Oh Jan it looked like a fabulous party! Well done on all your pirate themed treats - the pirate names was a great touch xx

Rachel said...

"On your Buccanhead"...haaahaaahaaa :) Nice one Col!