Thursday, February 1, 2007

Summer holiday fun!!

The kids (and Col & I) had a great time while we were down south and were really good with all the dragging around we did with them. We were so busy catching up with friends & family and they took it all in their stride, I think they may be little party animals, hehe. Anyway so I don't bore everyone with too much crapping on I thought I would just post a few more photos of what we got up to and then leave it at that - phew I hear you say.

A Pianist in the making??

Ella & Huddy had a lovely time filling up Margies pond with water from the esky and feeding the fish everyday.

They loved the pool that Auntie Ros gave them for Christmas and spent a lot of time in it while we were at Margies.

We spent a day at the Melbourne Zoo which the kids loved and which I thought was fabulous. It had been a very very long time since I had been there and it had changed heaps, lots of new enclosures. I loved the Orangutan and the elephant enclosures, they were done brilliantly. Definitely worth a visit if you can :)

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