Monday, February 12, 2007

New Cwocks!!

The kids got into the latest trend the other day when we got them some Crocs or "Cwocks" as Ella calls them, lol. She loves hers because they are pink and have love heart holes in the front of them. They actually aren't the original crocs but some kid friendly ones from Target, Ella's are a slightly different style which suits her narrow foot much better and Hudsons are the original style. Huddy is very poroud of his blue pair and carries them around the house saying "shooos, shooos". They are a definite hit !!


maxandmimasmummy said...

Fabulous shoooos dahlink! I love Ella's Mary Janes. I want some for Jemima...and for me! Tell HUdson his are the same as Max's so they're definitely cool.

Jan, Col, Ella & Hudson said...


Jo said...

Lulu has those shoes, misspage's Ruby too .. they're SO cute. I told you we had similar tastes in clothes ;-)