Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Our little girl is growing up.

Sob Sob, my baby is getting all growed up!!

Ella got her 'big girl bed' a few weeks ago but I only got her new doona cover the other day so I hadn't taken a photo of her in it. She is very excited about her bed and new doona and now thinks she is very grown up of course, lol.

I am IN LOVE with her new bed linen, its gorgeous!! I think I'm living vicariously through her as I would never have that type of thing on our bed but I adore it, it looks so sweet on Ella's though. I must admit I went a little silly, buying everything matching, including the rug on the floor but I just couldn't resist. She's going to have this for a long time!!!!


Anonymous said...

I want a doona cover like that!I don't think Ron would like looking at flowers everyday though. Awesome decorating Jan.This is great as I get to find out what you guys are up to:)Talk Soon
Love Jadexo

maxandmimasmummy said...

I think I'll need to find a doona cover like that for Jemima. It's gorgeous. I bet Ella is loving her new bed. Her room looks fabulous. That first picture looks like something out of a catalogue.