Saturday, January 27, 2007

and another celebration....

yep we had 2 Christmas days, we were very lucky, we had our celebration with Col's family on Boxing Day and once again the kids got so so spoilt.

It was wonderful that everyone was able to make it so we could catch up with them. The boys & Murphy were wonderful with Ella and Hudson and all bought them a Christmas present each which was so lovely. They have all grown into wonderful young people.

This is a lovely photo of Nick and Huddy.

Huddy was so tired and unfortunately just didn't last the distance to have a photo with all his of his cousins so this is just the five of them. I think it's a really great photo!
Its nice to do the family shots although I think everyone was getting annoyed with me and had enough of me harrassing them into, teehee - but look now we have some wonderful memories and reminders of how everyone was that day!!
Having Christmas Dinner - yummo!!!!

Had to include a photo of Nic after he had had his hair straightened with my new straighteners , a real test for them seeing he has very curly hair!! He looked really different, think I like the curls better though, lol.

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