Saturday, January 27, 2007

Home again.........

Well we are home again after a wonderful month down south. I haven't had a chance to get on and update the blog since we got back last Monday, been busy unpacking, cleaning, washing and finding homes for all the wonderful Christmas presents that we got totally spoilt with. The kids were great the whole time we were away even on the car trip down.

We had a fab Christmas although I certainly didn't expect to have a "White Christmas" lol. The cold weather we had was a bit of a shock for us Brisbanites. It hailed so hard it actually looked like snow.

It all seems so long ago now but I thought I would still update the blog on Christmas and our time away, even if it is only for our own memories sake, lol.
The kids got totally spoilt and Ella was really 'into" it this year which made it so wonderful and exciting for us too. I have heaps and heaps of photos but will try and pick out the best .

The kids Santa sacks !!!

Not a great photo but it shows how excited Ella was when she saw her"bicycle with pedals", one of things that she had requested from Santa.

The four cousins together, it was so wonderful that we were able to be with Mum, Dad, Sharon, Andrew, Max & Jemima on Christmas morning and that the kids got to enjoy it all together.

A funny photo of the adorable Miss Jemima, she's so cute!!!!
I love this photo of Max, so typical of his cheeky grin!!
Ella was actually able to use her Santa present of an umbrella (another of her requests) on Christmas day, as was Col, lol. She put on Max's coat and gumboots and went outside to help Col cook the turkey and ham in the BBQ. She was most pleased with herself.

Everyone at the table for lunch, well nearly everyone, Sharon's family is at the front right and some of the very yummy food we had - Sharon out did herself and we ate very very well.
It's not usual for Col and I to have a photo together so I really treasure this one and I love this of Ella with my Mum and Dad. Mum was so so sick on Christmas day and ended up in the Geelong Hospital a few days later but she looks great in this photo. I love this of Sharon and Col too - gorgeous fun photo.

Great photo of Andrew! The kids certainly got the hang of unwrapping presents by the end of the day.
and a funny photo of Ella with glasses from her Doctors kit.
I know there are lots but its so hard to cull them and if I can't put them on here then where can I, hey.................. and these don't include the ones of our Chrissy get together with Col's family - yep they're to come!!!

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