Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finally here

Well we arrived home safely from our big trip south for Christmas with 2 sick kids and 2 adults fighting it but we did have a fabulous time while we were there. It went way too quickly and we didn't have nearly enough time to catch up with everyone but we are back in March so hopefully we'll be able to then. I took a lot of photos, so I thought I would just add a collage of them instead of lots of seperate ones. They are from our 2 Christmas days, New Years Eve, Sharon's Birthday, the road trip, Ella's spots and just some of the things the kids did. I know it's small but if you click on it it will bring up a bigger version. I don't know why it doubled p on a couple of photos though.
We had such lovely Christmas days and were really happy we got to spend NYE with our very dear friends the Smiths. I had a great time at Sharon's 40th Birthday lunch, it was great to catch up with her girlfriends and we had lots of giggles. We spent a lovely day with Mum and Dad down the beach and then a few great days with Sharon, Andrew and the kids. The four of them had a ball together, they played really well together and had so much fun. The drive down and back was ok, Ella and Hudson travelled really well and except for the storms we drove through in Central NSW on the way down and the kids having tonsillitis on the way home it was uneventful. So that's a very short and quick update from us. Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year xx.
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Anita said...

Love the idea of putting the collage up! Glad you had a good trip - certainly looked liked fun in the photos!

random thoughts said...

Hey! Your back! looks like you had a busy but a blast of a time. Lots and lots and lots of photos to scrap.

Jo said...

Collage looks so celebratory and fun, those reindeer biscuits are fab!
Jan I hope that 2008 is everything you hope for, sounds like you've had a great start! XX