Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Year of Promise.....

For some reason this year feels like it will be full of promise, like things will finally fall into place for us, like good things will be happening and like exciting things will go ahead. I don't know why this year feels so much more like that than any of the previous ones but it does. Maybe it's because the kids are getting older and easier and they are becoming less reliant on me for absolutely everything. Maybe it's because I am coming out of the pregnant baby fog that has been clouding me for so long. Maybe it's because I've made a pact with myself to finally get myself fit and to lose weight. Whatever it may be the year is going to be a good one, I can feel it in my bones, lol.

We have had a few dramas at the business. The spare parts manager resigned the night before (yes, Sunday at 8.30pm) we opened again after the Christmas break giving us no notice at all. He said he wanted time to be with his wife who has been unwell but on Friday Col found out he is working somewhere else and had the job 3 weeks before Christmas!!!! That leaves us in a bind as he hadn't finished the stock take and we need someone to finish off that and try to keep on top of things. Col has decided not to get another spare parts person, he will take over the majority of the day to day things but instead we will be getting an apprentice to take up some of the slack off the floor. So that means yours truly is the one that is going to be going in to do the stocktake and try and get some things organised. I'll also be learning all of Emma's stuff as well so she can feel comfortable going on holidays and not come back to a huge workload.

I'm feeling a bit excited at the prospects of going to work and spending time with adults, some time to feel useful again will be nice. I've booked the kids into the childcare centre across the road from us and we have been a couple of times for them to see it and get used to what happens. Ella will love it and has had a ball each time we've been, she is so ready to have something extra. Huddy is not quite the same, he is quite shy and takes a whike to warm up to people but I'm sure he will adapt and will love it in time.

So a few big changes in the Fletcher household already. Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out.


maxandmimasmummy said...

Everything will be fine Jan, change is good...most of the time. It's awful the way you and Col have been let down by somebody hopefully karma comes and bites him in the arse big time. The kids will love the stimulation of child-care and going back to work will be fabulous for you, I know it made me feel like a useful human being again.

Love you xx

keelysmum said...

Jan, I can feel your positive vibes coming through, which is excellent. That is great news that you're going back to work, the kids will be fine in childcare, Huddy will settle into the routine, just give him time. Yay 2008 is our year....must be something to with the number 40!!!! Take care, keep positive and stay well. Love Steph xxxx

Anita said...

Must be a year for going to working with your husband! All will be fine Jan - just wait. xx

dani_luigi said...

Your back, horray!! I agree 2008 is going to be a great year. There's lots of positive thinking wanding around the woods.

The kids will love DC and it will be so good for you to get a bit of adult stimulation too.

I've really missed your blogs


p.s - Where Do I get some of that cake, it look delish!!