Friday, March 2, 2007

Poppy's Tractor

My Dad, otherwise known as "Poppy" has an old Massey Ferguson Tractor that he got out while we were down for the weekend. He took all the kids for a ride and they LOVED it, well Max and Ella did, Hudson and Jemima weren't too keen. Baby Jake thought it wasn't too bad either.Hudson did warm up to a bit by the end but wasn't going to show it by smiling at all, lol.

Even Nic had to get in on it and take the Fergie for a drive, she did get off Dad's knee and go on her own though, teehee.


maxandmimasmummy said...

Fabulous photos Jan. They really do love Poppy's tractor don't they. I doubt he will ever be able to get rid of it now the kids have had a taste of it. Hopefully Hudson and Jemima will be a bit more enthusastic about it next time

keelysmum said...

Love the pictures Jan, the tractor looks like a lot of fun. Your mums birthday weekend sounds like heaps of fun. xxx Steph

random thoughts said...

Ah, how sweet the memories are of days like this.


maxandmimasmummy said...'ve been playing around with your colours. Noice.

Love the photo up the top. It looks a bit stretched though. How did you do it?