Friday, March 2, 2007

Mums 70th Birthday celebration

We had a fabulous time on the weekend at Mum and Dad's celebrating mums 70th Birthday. It was so great that we could all be together again, fantastic that Nic, Rob and Jake could be there and that Mum was feeling better and able to enjoy her special weekend. We had a great night out at the pub for dinner on her actual birthday, the kids thought it was very special.

Us all being silly doing Poppy's TADA!!!

We had a party for Mum on Saturday night at Charlton's Golf Club, just finger food and drinks, which went really well. Is was great to catch up with people I hadn't seen for long time and so nice for Mum to be able to celebrate with them all. We got the local Church ladies to do most of the work on the night and bought a lot of the food so it was much easier for Mum and us all, great to not have to run around stressing about it all. The kids came to the party (after not being able to get a babysitter, I think having 5 scared them all off, lol) and had a ball running around and showing off, we had Happy Birthday and cake and then went home. They looked so cute all dressed up in their 'party' clothes.
My gorgeous nephew and niece, Max and Jemima.
Mum's Birthday cakes
Mum and her sister, the gorgeous Auntie Joan.
Doing the speeches.
look Mum, CAKE!!!!

I can't remember the last time I had a photo taken with Andrew and Nic, so glad we did it and its not too bad a photo either.
and last a family shot.


maxandmimasmummy said...

I love the family shots Jan, remind me to get a copy. I think that's the only photos we have with absolutely all of us in it. we should frame one for Mum and Dad. I meant to take more photos at the party and just didn't get a chance to. I love the ones of Ella and Hudson with their cakes. Hudson looks so pleased with himself that he has CAKE!

amanda said...

Jan, your Mum looked like she had a great weekend with you all there to help her celebrate...some lovely family photos there which I'm sure you & Sharon will put to good use