Sunday, March 25, 2007


We were to have photos with the very talented, wonderful Rachel Richter this afternoon (by default as Kath had to cancel her booking, yay for us though) but for the first time in ages we had RAIN!!!! so were unable to do it. We went to Roma St park where we were having them, hoping that it would be a typical Queensland 10 min downpour and then the sun would come out but the rain set in as a heavy drizzle and continued for quite a while, sob sob. I'm so, so disappointed but will have to book with Rachel for another time, hope we can get in soon. Hudson was such a baby the last time and he has changed SOOO much. Rachel couldn't get over the change in him and took a double take when she saw him this afternoon. My baby is growing up, he's a wild woolly haired boy now :)
Here's the difference:

and NOW that's a 7 month difference.


Anonymous said...

Wow - he looks SO different, can't believe how much he's changed.
Looking forward to seeing you all again soon :)

R xx

maxandmimasmummy said...

WOW! You really can see how much he has changed Jan. He's a spunk, even with those baby curls *wink* hehe.