Friday, April 11, 2008

The things they say.

On the way to the shops today Ella asked "Who am I going to marry Muummy" apparently something she was talking about a few days ago with Col. After much deliberation she decided she wanted to marry Huddy to which I explained that it wasn't really a good idea as he was her brother. We were then going through all of their friends names with me explaining that it was a better idea to marry someone their own age when Huddy piped up that he wanted to marry................wait for it..................................Uncle Andrew!!!!

I was floored and in tears of laughter, no idea where he got the idea that he wanted to marry Andrew, and after our call to Uncle Andrew tonight and Huddy actually asking him and then Andrew telling him he was already married to Auntie Sharon so he couldn't marry him he has decided he will actually marry Esta (hope that's ok Ruth,) lol.

Oh and Ella finally decided that she wants to marry Jack.

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keelysmum said...

What a classic, love it. They do come up with some very funny quotes. Keely said to me a few months back, that she was going to marry me! he he he.