Thursday, April 3, 2008

I am alive!!

Alright, alright, I know I've been worse than slack with the old blog here but it's been a very busy last few weeks spent in Victoria with family and trying to recover from the horrible pneumonia and flu I had prior to that. So here I am finally blogging again with lots to fill you in on.

We went to Melbourne to help my Dad and his twin sister celebrate their 70th Birthday and to spend a week with all of my family in a gorgeous house we rented in Phillip Island.
We went out for dinner on Dad's birthday with all the kids and took a cake that they had decorated. They loved it. The next night we all (the adults) went to a fabulous restaurant, Libertine with the rest of my Dad's family. It was a great night and it was really lovely to be able to go out with my family to celebrate.
My sister, Nicole and her husband, Rob and my nephew, Jake, all came out from London which was so wonderful and we all had a fabulous time together down at Phillip Island. The weather was brilliant and we spent nearly every day at the beach which the kids loved. We ate extremely well, drank too much and had a lovely time just chilling out with each other.

I've included a just a few photos from our week away which was very difficult as there was a over 3000 taken for the whole week between us all!!!!!!

At the koala park where Ella was very taken by a stuffed koala (not this one) that she really thought was alive and Col being silly at the Maze and funhouse.

We took the opportunity to take some family photos while we were there together.


random thoughts said...

Welcome Back!!!! Good to see you and hear about what's been going on. Take care of your health. Chat soon

DANI said...

Glad you had a great holiday overall and your Dad enjoyed his birthday. Bummer you've been so sick though. I hope you're all recovered now.

Michelle Staffieri said...

Hi Jan
It was great to meet you at SIA. I had a ball. Look forwrd to catching up next time you are in Melbourne.

keelysmum said...

Welcome back to blogland....I am really bad too, haven't updated for ages, so I can't talk!!!

Your holiday down at Phillip Island sounded fabulous and the pictures are really good...and lots were taken!!!! I love the ones on the's something about kids & the sand/water. I would have loved to come down, but didn't work out, sorry about that.

Nice to have the family picture too...your Mum & Dad look fabulous.

Take care xxxxx