Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Christmas Tradition...

We went into the City on Saturday with our very dear friends, Kath, Mark, Ruby and Max to see Santa, ride the Santa train in Myers, look at the Christmas windows and see the HUGE Christmas tree they have at the end of the mall. The kids were so excited and Ella was rambling on about visiting the 'city' all morning although I'm sure she didn't really know what we were going to do, lol. We also had our close friends son, Nathan staying with us as well which the kids were very excited about as well. We talked about the train on the way into the city and Huddy was very excited about it, especially since he has been asking Santa for a 'train' each time we have seen him (about 8 times now, lol) but when we got there and it came to getting on the train he got really upset and decided he didn't want to go. Ella was more than happy to get on and go, a different story to last year where she was strapped in and burst into tears just as the train took off. The only train Hudson went on was the one out the front where we had to wait for Santa, he was more than happy to get on that one!!

I was a bit disappointed with the Christmas windows this year. The theme was from the book "Uno's Garden" a book by Graham Base (of Animalia fame) and even accounting for not knowing the book, I found it really hard to follow the story. The animals in the story are all make believe - made up of parts from all different animals but without knowing the story we had no idea as to which each one was. The animation was fabulous but the storyline left us at a bit of a loss unfortunately.

The City of Brisbane has a beautiful enormous tree set up each year at the end of the mall and it really is beautiful. They have a gorgeous Santa in a sleigh being pulled by the reindeer's which is made out of very thick wire and glass (I think), it looks lovely during the day but lit up at night it is gorgeous!! Rudolph even has his red nose too :) Thre are angels all the way up the mall too, so beautiful.

We did this little trip into the city last year too and loved it so much we decided it would become one of our little Christmas traditions to do each year. We had a great time and had a lovely meal at one of the restaurants in the middle of the mall so the kids all had a great time running around, a really lovely Christmasey night!!!!


maxandmimasmummy said...

What a lovely tradition Jan, we made the treck into the city this year too but haven't seen the windows at Myer yet. I bought Uno's Garden for Max and Jemima when I found out what the theme was, it's a lovely book. Max loves it. Moopaloops and Snortlepigs especially! We can ready it together next week. xx

Kath, Mark, Ruby and Max. said...

we had a fun time too xxxx