Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Our Baby is 3 !!!!

Today is Ella's 3rd Birthday, our baby is a little girl now , sob, sob. I can't believe three years ago I was in Hospital in Vic having my first baby, it seems like yesterday and so much has happened between then and now!!!

Ella has had a fabulous day and has crashed into bed a very happy little girl. We had a small party on Sunday when I made her her special cake, her first request was an Elephant cake which I refused reminding her that was what she had last year, then she asked for a Giraffe cake which she also had last year so she then settled on a Butterfly cake. She had a lovely time and has been so excited about her big day. Col's Mum arrived on Saturday too which is wonderful, it's lovely that she is here for Ella's birthday helping her to celebrate and spoiling her rotten.
She had another cake at our regular park get together, a donut cake (ring tin) as Ella called it, decorated in smarties by her and Huddy. The kids all loved it and Ella had a wonderful time.
Ella was very spoilt and got some gorgeous presents. She is full on into the imaginative play at the moment so we got her a toy kitchen and a great set of food to go with it. She also got some lovely books, clothes,cd's, jewellery, games and some fabulous cooking things as well.

Here she is checking out her stash:
Opening some of her presents.Helping Daddy put the kitchen together.Showing off some of the cooking outfit she got, it came with a mini rolling pin, spatula, wooden spoon and cutters, very cute indeed. :)Today on her actual Birthday we went to a little fun day with some lovely friends, they had a concert, jumping castle and face painting. Ella wanted to be a tiger again but they didn't have tiger faces in their repertoire so she came home as a cat, very apt seeing she has spent a great deal of time lately pretending to be a cat lately.
Tonight we went to a hotel on the North side at Everton Park that I had read had a great kids play area so off we went to check it out. The review was right, the play area was fabulous and Ella & Huddy had an absolute ball playing in there. They were so good seeing as we didn't get there until 6.30pm (bloody traffic!!) and they didn't eat until after 7, an hour later than they usually do. The playground definitely made up for the wait for dinner though and we will be going back again, probably when it's a bit warmer though, it was very chilly out there tonight.


maxandmimasmummy said...

Happy Happy Birthday Gorgeous Niece of mine! Hope you had a lovely day. The photos look great Jan, she looks like she had a fabulous day. The cake looks ace!

keelysmum said...

Happy Birthday Ella, where has that time gone! She is absolutely gorgeous and I just love her face painted. Glad she had a lovely day with family & friends. Does she love playing with her kitchen? Love the accessories. Take care. Love Steph xxx