Saturday, November 8, 2008

Warning Photo Overload!!!

Just thought I would share a few of the hundreds of photos I took while we were away. We're back home now and I unfortunately have been suffering the last few days from conjunctivitis, and an ear, throat and sinus infection! So this is just going to be a photo share, still not feeling great and don't have the energy to write loads which I'm sure your all glad about, lol.

Dad got the famous 'Fergie' going and the kids had a blast going for rides on it with Dad.

We spent a few hours down the beach when we were at Col's Mums, the one thing the kids were really looking forward to funnily enough. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great and it was a very grey and overcast day when we were there, that didn't seem to bother Ella and Huddy too much though.

We really miss only being 5 minutes from the beach.

Huddy picking up "Jelly Blobbers" (jellyfish as named by Nana) and throwing them back into the water, he had a ball doing this and it kept him occupied for ages.

It was Max's 5th Birthday while we there, can't believe it's been 5 years since he arrived in our lives! He had a party at a fab play centre with a great monster cake made by Sharon.

The Play Center was mainly all big slides.

Ella and Max are both really into letters and words at the moment so they had a great time with Nana spelling out everyons names - including all the cats we have between us, lol.
Ella's playdough cake creation, she was very proud of it and wanted to bring it home with us.

A fabulous morning out at a great community built park not far from Sharon and Andrews.

The kids had a ball climbing this.
Well that's it, back to the couch for me I think. Will be back soon!


Ruth said...

I'm in love with that old tractor. Every person should have one of those in their childhood memories. Gosh Hudson is looking so grown up in those photos.

Anita said...

Certainly looks like the kids had a ball. You're lucky you get can get home often for all the cousins to play.