Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Ballerina in the making???

Ella has been hounding us for her to do ballet for quite a while now, "not dancing Mummy, ballet" so after much whinging and needling she started last week and so far has loved both of the lessons she's had which is particularly good considering the first lesson she had was with girls about 2-3 years older than her. The teacher must of miss heard her age when I told her and told me the wrong group for her age so we followed her directions on the first day and went to the room she told us.

Ella did her class and although I wasn't allowed to watch her I could still tell that they were all quite a bit older than her but she still seemed to be keeping up with them as well as I could tell through the window. Anyway when the class was finished 'Miss Annette' asked me how old Ella was and seemed quite shocked when I told her she was only 31/2 years old and then proceeded to tell me that although Ella had done really well and kept up with the class she was in the wrong group. So yesterday we went to the right class and there were lots of little girls her age there and she still had a great time and came out after the class squealing with delight!

We hadn't taken her to get the 'class' uniform straight away in case she decided ballet wasn't for her but she is so excited about it all so after her class yesterday we went up the the ballet store and got her leotard, skirt, special socks and shoes (an expensive little outing I must say) and she was beside her self with excitement!!!
Ella was so excited she insisted on putting her new outfit on yesterday afternoon again and wanted to practice her ballet. So Col got her all dolled up and out she came with the biggest possible grin on her face, she was so excited.
She wanted music to dance to so Col got on the kids keyboard, Huddy the microphone and Ella danced to perform the first Fletcher Family concert!!! It was sooo gorgeous and one of those things that make you grin from ear to ear. :)

Here they are:


maxandmimasmummy said...

Absolutely priceless Jan, she looks divine. I thnk Miss Ella was born to be a ballerina unlike her cousin who I fear may have been born to be a wrestler. Jemima is far from dainty. Love the concert, that keyboard player is a bit of a spunk but I think the lead singer is probably spunkier.

keelysmum said...

She looks gorgeous Jan, love it. Looks like she is really pleased with her new "outfit" too. Can't wait to see more posts on how she is doing with her ballet. Keely has been wanting to do dancing/ballet for a while now, thinking of doing it Term 2, but will see. The "Fletchers", I can see the band now, what a great concert, we love concerts here too!!! Love Steph xxx

Ruth said...

lol adorable. She looks so pretty. And it suits her. Watch out you might have real ballerina on your hands there.
lol about the band. Now I'd pay money to see "the Fletchers". As long as the bar was

Rachel said...

Oh, Ella looks adorable!! Love the Col and Huddy got involved too :)

Rach xx