Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Exciting day!

We went to Seaworld today, well Ella, Huddy & I did, poor Col had to work. I was taking Hudson down to Burleigh Waters on the Gold Coast to the Kinesiologist (sp?) so thought I would make the most of the day and our annual passes. The kids had an absolute ball. It's a fantastic place.

We went with our friends Gayle, Erin & Jack which made it even lovelier:)).

Ella is very very taken with the Sharks and would spend nearly all day watching them, even more so if they didn't have any kids rides, lol. I took Hudson on the rides for the first time today too, not sure why we haven't taken him before but he loved them, he had his Mr Serious face on though most of the time.

I took a few shots - will try and add them tomorrow.

The Kinesiologist said poor Huddy is having a terrible terrible time with his teeth and the pain is really making him very frustrated and short tempered, we have some homeopathic tablets for him to take which will hopefully help. He looked at Ella too and was very impressed with her and her balance, she put on a lovely performance of showing off for him too.

We are off to a Christmas Capers concert tomorrow put on by the Queensland Orchestra, looking forward to it, it should be good. Will let you know.